Monday, March 23, 2015

Shakti of Meditation

“Meditation has the power to calm nerves, relieve stress, focus on victory – and also to extend lives. Decades later, I began offering free meditation lessons to the patients at my wellness clinic in South Florida. Over time, I saw that the patients who meditated seemed to thrive. They were also happier, healthier and younger in body and spirit.”

The doctor then goes on to cite results from medical research that justify the outcomes of meditation practice he had found in his clients. He claims, “These studies prove that you can slow your aging by using your thoughts and emotions to influence your chromosomes. This mind-body connection remains a cornerstone of my anti-aging philosophy. You see, the modern world overloads our brains.”
Modern lifestyles are not only stressful, they also distance us from Nature, our primary healer. Continuous states of stress destabilizes autonomic activities of body systems due to excessive secretion of Cortisol hormone, including triggering insulin resistance leading to anxiety, depression, which in turn lead to hypertension, diabetes and if not controlled timely, to other more serious health disorders. Research shows that Cortisol shortens telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of DNA in all living creatures and sabotages telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres.

Meditation is the best medicine-free practice for Stress Management, which directly helps in establishing balance between the two hemispheres of the brain – the sympathetic and parasympathetic, and restores normal autonomic operations of various body organs. It stops the excessive Cortisol hormonal secretions so that telomeres are not sabotaged. Meditation may not remove the cause of stress but it certainly frees the mind from the web of stresses and allows it time to connect the all-empowered medi-server in our brain with the rest of the body to run and monitor body’s normal health management processes on an ongoing basis. The combined role of intellect duly empowered by the knowledge levels of the individual about his holistic health existence at physical, subtle and causal levels is the key in stress management techniques, which is reinforced during meditation process. No wonder worldwide medical research in recent decades on cancer, heart and other non-communicable chronic diseases have established beyond doubt efficacy of Yogic practices in body and mental health management. Pranayam and Meditation are the backbone of such Yogic practices and results are commensurate to the theoretical knowledge and practical experience base of your trainer. The more we learn through Yogic techniques to keep the stress factors away from impacting on the body health, the more we can free ourselves from dependence on medicines, which are not free from harmful side-effects. The two paras below are reproduced from Al Sear MD Wellness Center mail:
“Recently, researchers tracked 88 breast cancer patients. One set of women practiced meditation for eight weeks and their telomeres grew significantly longer. The other group of women got a six-week stress-management course – and their telomeres didn't grow. Another team of researchers followed 142 breast-cancer patients for 12 weeks. And telomerase activity skyrocketed by 17 percent among the patients who meditated. But telomerase activity stalled at three percent in the patients who didn't use the power of their minds.8
In a similar experiment, psychiatrists studied people who were stressed over caring for loved ones with dementia. Some of the care-givers were taught Hindu-style yogic meditation. Some care-givers only took breaks to listen to relaxing music. Listening to music barely budged the care-givers' telomerase activity, but meditation sent it skyrocketing by 43 percent. Harvard Medical School psychiatrists looked at telomeres from people who regularly practice a Buddhist-style of meditation. The meditators had significantly longer telomeres than people who didn't meditate. Plus, the study found that meditation benefited women most of all.”
I wish to conclude by merely stating the obvious. The more we learn to live in tune with Nature, prepare ourselves to serve others than wanting to promote self-interest all the time, learn from others’ strengths and ignore their shortcomings, observe religious practices for Self-development and not merely for preaching and propagating to others as a belief, faith or ideology, always be open to grasp authentic knowledge from all reliable sources without discrimination in a scientific approach – meaning it should appeal to your own sound logic and reasoning, and, above all, we must realize that nothing in this world belongs to us permanently, not even our own body, and we have to depart one day leaving everything behind. Therefore, keep that sense of detachment from every action of yours and all belongings so that you are never stressed about contrary to expected results of those actions or fear of losing the belongings, the worst fear being that of losing the body - death.
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