Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why to do Life Healing Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

Considering to travel Holy River Ganga City and looking for  joining the Spiritual Retreats on your first tour to India ? Or maybe you’re just looking for another destination. Whatever you’re looking for, maybe it is time to consider the beautiful Meditation and Yoga City of India. Here are my top five reasons to hold a retreat in Rishikesh :

1. Gods abode & City of Saints

What is the point of flying to a foreign country if  you do not find to see the expected life style which you have been listening about. Rishikesh known as world capital of yoga and meditation is located in Bank of River Ganga flowing toward urban city of other states.Gangotari which is just  300 Km and scenic view of city has difference views surrounded by range of mountains. City is full of Indian god and goddess temple and has a small local population that is able to speak enough English to make communication possible.Sometimes it can be difficult to travel to unknown city and do desired healing, yoga or meditation courses.when there is a language barrier.Here you get a chance to see Early Sun Rise from one of Shakti Peeth - Kunja Puri Temple. and option to do meditation in the bank of Ganga or to view beautiful Water fall.As long as you stay away from the crowded, touristy areas – the locals are generally extremely helpful and willing to help where they can.

2. Affordable

If you’re looking to have a small group course of intensive monthly program or private session.Here you a decent profit margin, School is a Non Profit trust and work with minimum applicable fee for course or private meditation, life healing session offering residential facility.Which  is extremely affordable.What I personally love about the School is that there are so many options to avail - more focused approach of learning.Student who wish to become Meditation Instructor can join 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course - Which is a certification Program. If you want to put on a life healing or Meditation retreat that boasts all inclusive program of $ 750 for 15 Days.Accommodation with Single Occupancy and Hot shower.School serves you vedic and satvic Yogic Ayurvedic diet.

Rishikesh - Ram Jhoola

3. Beautiful Scenery

Who doesn’t want to visit Rishikesh ? The Small river Ganga city has so many different  option to enjoy in your free time that it is hard to get restless. The view of Himalayan mountains or to watch early Sun Rise.Ganga beaches to Meditation. Spend time with childern of schools or to visit Beetals Ashram, 84 Kuttiya.You can find a secluded area that has absolutely no people, or you can be in the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a large enough area that you can get whatever it is you’re looking for. Good eatery - If you want to have your lunch or dinner outside, Rishikesh has some of good multi-cuisine Restaurants and lot many foreigners in surrounding. Safe city with affordable learning options.

4. Weather

Although the rainy season (Nov-Mar) can get pretty wet, the rest of the year is absolutely stunning. It nice to be able to guarantee that your guests will be able to pick up a tan while lying on white sandy beaches

5. Staff

It can be hard to Join a  retreats or other learning cum teaching center. which is not run by educated and Skilled Instructors or other help of a staff. Shree Mahesh Heritage is a Small school to join a retreat because of the affordability and the helpfulness of the staff. World reknown Life healer Ram Gupta and his family of Baba Mahesh Yogi has been offering their retreats or other life- pranic healing couching to Students who are now well being and running their own center in other part of the world.
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